Jul 27, 2022
The Mountain of God Is Mount Zion Promised for the Last Days

Super floods, super flames, tidal waves, seismic tremors and huge breezes are causing destruction and expanding in speed, harm caused, and death toll all over the world. The issue is irreversible as ice softens around the Poles and creature species face annihilation. The seas are rising and warming. While all that is going on, notwithstanding, the human populace is expanding past what the world can support. The inquiry is the reason?

With innovation accessible to decrease the rate of birth it proceeds to develop and a few nations are overpopulated to the point that individuals are escaping from them. Occupations are likewise on the downfall as production lines change to computerization or are driven bankrupt by contest, less expensive wages, and greater levels of popularity on their benefits.

Destitution is all over the place and the underclass of residents that can presently not be disregarded as superfluous issues are making themselves understood. The world is on notice! We are quick moving toward the last days and the alerts are articulated.

Hebrew Scriptures predictions recounted this time and keeping in mind that they have been to a great extent overlooked by the larger part they are working out. One stands apart more than the others in Michah Chapter 4:1 where that’s what the Spirit proclaimed “somewhat recently the heap of the House of God will be laid out in the highest point of the mountains and all individuals will stream unto it.”

That mountain has been fabricated and it is the Internet through which the realities are presently accessible to all. Never again could religions at any point take cover behind secrets and deceives fool anybody. At this moment a greater part of the populace approaches data that is distributed on it, and that incorporates the information given to me.

My resurrection brought me back into the world to finish a work. The message given in a dream between lives showed that the age of 45 would be when something extraordinary would occur. Two months past my birthday the Spirit happened upon me with such power that I was unable to move the slightest bit. I got a commission to destroy the mass of chapels, go out to individuals and bring back the youthful.

Then, at that point, three dreams were given. In the first was a picture like Jesus Christ teaching a horde on a slope. In the subsequent I had supplanted him and in the third my face was on a screen like this one. It was 1984 and quite a while before the vast majority knew about the Internet. It is, in any case, the most elevated mountain on the planet. It is where the instructing given to me Jesus rose on the third day is currently accessible for all to guess who have a thoughts or who are directed to it by the Spirit.

It was trailed by a total mending of my sinus and different things and the next morning I was talking in tongues. The instructing happened nearly from there on out and many were recuperated as the power moved from me to them.

Throughout the years since the learning has been progressing until everything is had some significant awareness of the arrangement of God and the last days. We are in that time and each and every individual who at any point lived is back in a body fit to be judged. That makes sense of the overpopulation and resurrection was guaranteed in Daniel 12:13.

The world contains two heaps of individuals. The individuals who have the Spirit inside and have stayed consistent with it, notwithstanding being tormented, killed, even consumed at the stake by the people who pushed their strict convictions over others. They are the youthful of the Spirit who are important for my bonus. The others are the non-profound who favor religion, legislative issues, worshipful admiration, abundance and power. They will be discarded as the world decays.

The day is roughly 4,000 years in length, as per a dream given to me. It was of a line loosened up in front and from where I stood a brilliant light unexpectedly rose and curved over it to the far end where EVE was written in huge capital letters. In the center was NOON and there on a cross was the figure of a man and individuals arriving at dependent upon him were in nearly murkiness. Where I stood was EVENING and here, as at the outset, the light was exceptionally brilliant.

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