Jun 26, 2022
Signs That Your Home Has Foundation Problems

Is that tiny scratch in your foundation an innocent sign of the foundation getting a little shakier? Is it the first indication of a huge foundation issue? If you’re concerned about a foundation issue then here are the most prominent warning signs:

Should You Get a Home Inspection?

If you are concerned that your home might require foundation repairs, now is the time to get in touch with an expert to look into the extent of damage.

A home inspection is an excellent place to begin However, most home inspectors don’t know how to assess the depth of a foundation issue. To see the full picture, you might want to engage an engineer who is structural. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers get a quote.

This could cost you anywhere from between $500 and $1000, so make sure you are prepared. However, even when the structural engineer doesn’t detect any major problems It’s still an excellent investment for your security. In addition, it’s one-third of the price of a foundation repair.

How Much Does a Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation issues won’t go away by themselves. The longer you put off the decision to repair the damage to your foundation, the more severe the damage will get. Repairing a damaged foundation isn’t inexpensive.

The average foundation for a home costs many thousands to fix. The majority of homeowners pay up to $6,300 to repair a foundation according to the website for home improvement HomeAdvisor. The nature of the repairs certain homeowners can will spend as much as $11,000.

Do you find it harder to sell a home with foundation damage?

If you realize that your house requires foundation repairs, you should think twice before you begin the work. The foundation repair requires specific permits, which could become public records. It could be an ominous mark to your home in prospective buyers in the eyes of potential buyers.

Many buyers will not even take a visit a house that has foundation issues. This means that, even if you complete the repairs, you may not have the chance to tell potential buyers that the issue has been repaired.

If you’ve got a damaged foundation, check whether you can sell your house as is to an investor in real estate, without needing to complete any foundation repairs. Real estate investors are experienced of fixing structural issues and are able to offer money for your home.

It will also save you the cost of hiring an engineer in structural engineering and trying to repair a significant foundation issue. Instead, you could sell your home for cash before the flaw in your foundation causes damage to the bank.


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