May 17, 2022
Football Theme Party Fun for Adults

football theme party can be a great get together idea for guests of any age, but my personal favorite is throwing football theme parties for adults and in particular couples. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is, that having by having an adult football theme party, I can use party guests activities to help create the food. This, of course, makes less work for the host (me) so I get to spend more time enjoying the activities and less time worrying about the food. For example, part of the fun of going to a football game is the pre-game tailgating party. So, set up some hibachis or grills, marinate some meat and vegetables, soak some wooden skewers, and set up a kabob buffet where everyone can create their own entree during the pre-game show. Have a couple of coolers full of beer (alcoholic and non if you have folks that prefer it that way), soda, and water. Side dishes can be made by the guests too. Divide the guests into teams and give them a box that has some specific ingredients in it (dip ingredients perhaps or a salad set) and have them work together as a team of top chefs to make the best result โบนัสฟรี ufabet possible. Have the other teams judge their work, and give a door prize to those chefs of the winning team.

Finally, while the main activity of the day is going to be watching the game, it only stands to reason that you will want to have a little fun with some additional games. One that is particularly entertaining and fun during a sports-themed party is to pick a word that will be said often and make it the “Word of the Day”. For instance, the word “score” or “goal” works well. Give each of your guests five poker chips or markers of some type. Each time someone is heard saying the word of the day, the first to catch that individual or call him out, gets one of his markers. The one with the most markers at the end of the game gets the top party favor of the day.

During the commercials and half-time shows I like to have impression shows where each guest reads from a pre-written script in the voice of the best impression they can do. Some, of course, are much better than others, but it still makes for a great time and a lot of laughs to see what everyone will come up with.

Clean-up is easy, party accessories and decorations are available from your favorite on-line supplier, and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. So, go on, throw a football theme party and watch your guests yell “Touchdown” to your efforts. I guarantee they will.

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